Got Questions?

Whenever I have a discussion about flooding or sewer projects in Wilmette, it seems like the conversation always ends with more questions than answers…

So if you, too, have found yourself confused or frustrated, I invite you to submit your questions, rumors you’ve heard, suggestions for blog topics, or useful links.

I plan to research and blog about the following topics:

  • Local flooding issues, health and water quality issues
  • Wilmette sewers, sewer maintenance, and improvements
  • Cost-benefit analysis and funding for sewer projects
  • Options for individual property owners
  • Environmental impacts and solutions
  • Community planning and community development impacts and solutions
  • Responsibilities of the village vs. individual property owners

A Few Questions to Get Started…

What’s the big dig at West Park?

Here’s the quick answer:
West Park Dig
Answered that question here

On the east side, what was the recent construction project on the sanitary canal at the harbor locks?

On Glenview Rd, which is state-owned, could we get the swale repaired and replanted to help with flooding?

Research and more info coming soon…


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